Would you aspire to become a distinguished speaker in the We2Talks community? We invite you to share the following information and materials with our team for consideration:

  1. A brief biography along with a high-resolution headshot.
  2. A curated list of speech topics accompanied by detailed descriptions.
  3. A high-quality web link to a recent speech delivered before a live audience (excluding studio shoots or media clips).
  4. Details of your standard speaking fee and any specific travel requirements, including your point of origin for travel.
  5. If applicable, information about your published books, films, or significant achievements.
  6. An estimate of the number of paid speeches you’ve conducted in the past year.
  7. Insights into the industries or types of groups you typically address in your speeches (e.g., Healthcare, Finance, College).
  8. An indication of whether most of your speaking engagements are within the Northern California area.

Upon receiving your email, we will acknowledge its receipt. However, due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we regret that we cannot provide updates on the status of individual submissions. Rest assured that our team will reach out to you if we believe your expertise and qualifications align with the needs of our valued customers.

We appreciate your keen interest in We2Talks and look forward to potentially welcoming you as a member of our distinguished speaker community.